How to Help Children Strengthen Visual Tracking Skills, and Why

Over the years I have offered a number of free visual tracking activities for kids.  For a review of why visual tracking is so important, and how technology today may actually interfere with children’s development of this necessary learning skill, take a peek back at this printable freebie,

Track the Smiley Faces.


Visual Tracking Skill Builders for KidsSure, offering one free exercise here and there is nice, buuuuut…


…offering children a variety of fun ways to strengthen their tracking abilities AND giving teachers and parents easy skill-building tools for the classroom, home, or even the family road trip, well, that’s even better.


So that’s what I did.  I went back to my design workshop and created Building Visual Tracking Skills – The Book.


This printable resource, delivered in pdf format, includes five categories of visual tracking activities for kids.  Each category includes 10 targeted activities, instructions, answer keys, and skill-building fun that extends beyond visual tracking.


•    Mazes

•    Line Tracking

•    Grid Mazes

•    Image Tracking

•    Letter Tracking


Building Visual Tracking Skills – The Book is a good fit for students in grades 1 and 2.  It’s also a great tool for Educational Specialists, Special Education Teachers and Occupational Therapists helping older students build a multitude of visual skills.  I designed the images specifically to appeal to all ages.


Want to learn more, including how much you’ll save with the complete book?  View this item in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  And yes, non-teachers are welcome, too!