Iggy Peck Architect Inspires

Some kids are simply born to express their natural talent.  Then a grown up comes along and, well, you know the story, tramples on their passion.  In children’s picture book Iggy Peck Architect that’s exactly what happens.


So, what is a talented, passionate child like Iggy to do?


The Story

Iggy Peck ArchitectIggy Peck has a passion and a gift for building.  His supportive parents appreciate and encourage Iggy’s natural gift.  (Hooray!)  His second grade teacher?  Not so much.  In fact, building anything in the classroom or even talking about architecture are strictly forbidden.


One day, a class field trip goes terribly wrong.  Iggy Peck gets to work sharing his true gift of building.  He saves the class, saves his teacher, and ultimately saves the day.  At last Iggy AND his teacher can embrace Iggy’s passion.


What I Love About This Children’s Book

Andrea Beaty writes such a lighthearted and charming children’s story about topics that I love, creativity and self-expression.  Her rhyming text full of pure silliness captures us from beginning to end.


That said, my favorite part of the book has to be David Roberts’ illustrations.  All the creative details within the pages, plus a clever nod to modern architecture, are pure delight.


Thank goodness our dear author and illustrator both express and share their true gifts with the rest of us.  We, like Iggy’s teacher, are the better for it.


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