Improve Children’s Auditory Memory with Hear the Hidden Message

Whether you are a speech therapist, an educational therapist, or a parent who already understands the powerful impact of strengthening your child’s auditory memory skills, I designed a fun, new activity to help your children improve this crucial learning skill.

Take auditory memory skills beyond the basics with this fun and engaging activity for kids. “Building Auditory Memory Skills with Hear the Hidden Message” offers a fun way for parents and teachers of struggling learners to improve auditory memory and listening skills.


Hear the Hidden Message

Hear the Hidden Message combines positive, uplifting messages with beyond-the-basics auditory memory skill-building. Throw in a splash of kid-friendly detective work and now you have an engaging activity that your child will look forward to again and again.


Sure, the kids may not believe much mental effort is required. Don’t let that fool you! With Hear the Hidden Message you expand children’s auditory memory skills (and more), which means you expand their ability to learn!


How it Works

First, your child listens to and remembers sequences of letters that you (or your helper, or your voice recorder in a listening station) read out loud. The letter sequences are provided for you. Start with 2 letters at a time. Then work your way up to 6 whenever appropriate. With a 1-2 page grid full of letters, your child eliminates all of the letters you read, thereby revealing the hidden message that remains.

You’ll find more details about how it works here:

Hear the Hidden Message on TPT


Bonus Learning Skills Strengthened

In addition to strengthening auditory memory and listening skills, Hear the Hidden Message develops:

  • working memory
  • auditory discrimination
  • visual tracking skills
  • and attention.


Skill Level

If you are unsure about your child’s auditory memory skill level, or if you already know that your child is only ready for the basics at this time, please first refer to a simple measurement tool, Repeat After Me.


If your child can recognize all of the letters of the alphabet, can remember 2 or more letters at a time and can locate those letters on a busy page, your child will be able to enjoy Hear the Hidden Message.


Included in the detailed instructions: multisensory alternatives for students who prefer not to use a pencil or crayon. If your child does not read or write yet, you may offer assistance when it comes time to reveal the message at the end.


Hear the Hidden Message is available to you now in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


Here’s a fun way to help children, especially struggling learners, improve auditory memory and listening skills. Try this free printable sample of “Building Auditory Memory Skills with Hear the Hidden Message.”

Would you prefer to give Hear the Hidden Message a test drive before you dive right in? I hear ya! (Pardon the pun.)


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