Improve Children’s Auditory Memory with Which Word Goes Where?

You may have heard me talk a lot about how important auditory memory skills are to children’s ability to learn.


No?  Then feel free to type “auditory memory” in the search box to the right and you’ll see what I mean.


“Building Auditory Memory Skills with Which Word Goes Where?” offers a fun way for parents and teachers of struggling learners to improve auditory memory and listening skills. This advanced level auditory memory activity for kids is easy to implement at home or in the classroom, and adaptable to multiple skill levels.


Today I introduce you to the fifth and final auditory memory activity in my completed auditory memory book. It’s called Which Word Goes Where? and is one of those activities designed to feel more like fun than work.


I’ve included a free sample of Which Word Goes Where? in The Free Printables Collection so you can decide if it’s a good fit for you and the kiddos. More on that in a moment.


How it Works

First, print out one of the included short stories for your child. Some stories rhyme, some do not. Each sentence or sentence combination within the story includes blank spaces where missing words belong.


From the provided word list, you read out loud either 2, 3, or 4 words at a time (depending on your child’s skill level). Your child then listens to and remembers the information long enough to write the words down in the correct spaces within the story.


Bonus Skills Strengthened

In addition to strengthening auditory memory and listening skills, Which Word Goes Where? also develops working memory and attention skills.


You may refer to the included alternative options to learn how to strengthen visual memory with this activity as well. Plus you’ll find ideas for increasing or decreasing the challenge when needed.


Skill Level

Which Word Goes Where? is more advanced than my other auditory memory activities for kids. (Starting with the basics? Start here.)


If your child reads at a second grade level or above, can remember 2 or more words at a time, and can write those words on a piece of paper (correctly spelled or not), then I believe your child will enjoy improving auditory memory skills with Which Word Goes Where.


Of course your child does not need to be a struggling learner to enjoy activities here at Inner Pieces Gallery. Anything that strengthens learning power is always a step forward, in my book.


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Help your struggling learners at home, in the classroom or in therapeutic educational settings improve auditory memory and listening skills. Try this fun, free printable sample of “Building Auditory Memory Skills with Which Word Goes Where.” As usual, this one’s designed to feel more like fun than work!


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