Improve Children’s Spatial Awareness with Cut & Play Puzzles (Video)

What’s so great about having strong spatial awareness, or strong visual spatial skills?


Well, we tend not to get ourselves lost all too often, for one thing.  And just for the record, by “we” I mean… uh, not me.  I have a magnificent talent for getting lost, but let’s move on.


As it pertains to reading, we recognize letter formations and patterns in words.  We know how to space our letters properly when writing.  The list of benefits is long, and you can read more of them here:

Cut and Play: Visual Spatial Puzzle – Shapes


Today I share how to use Cut & Play Visual Spatial Puzzle: Shapes to help strengthen spatial awareness.

(Video not showing?  Watch it here instead.)



You’ll find Cut & Play Visual Spatial Puzzle: Shapes inside The Free Printables Collection along with these fun freebies:

Cut & Play Visual Spatial Puzzle: Lines

Cut & Play Visual Spatial Puzzle: Tetris’ish


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Want something a little different?  Try Visual Spatial Puzzle Play.  Just like the others, this a simple yet powerful way to get those brain gears turning.