Inner Child, Meet Your New Favorite Furniture

straightline dog camper

I LOVE discovering furniture pieces that boldly express their own personality.  When that personality includes a quirky sense of humor, my heart gets a happy case of the giggles.

Imagine my pure delight when I learned about Judson Beaumont’s furniture designs for kids (and other kidlike people).  Judson and his company, Straight Line Designs Inc, create custom furniture and installations for children’s hospitals, libraries, play areas, clients’ homes, and more.  As you can see, this is no ordinary craftsmanship.  This is the put a giggle in your heart kind.


Straightline grandfather clockStraightline grandfather clock

Here’s one of Straight Line’s pieces commissioned by Crayola.  What child wouldn’t ADORE unleashing their creativity onto this giant, quirky grandfather clock?  Heck, even I want a go at it.

I find myself wanting to use words like fun loving, happy and joyful when describing, of all things, pieces of furniture.  That, to me, is truly a testament to the designer of these whimsical works of art.  How would YOU describe them?


straightline hollow-chair-books

Not surprisingly, Judson gathers inspiration from his own children.  What I especially love is the message that impressionable young minds absorb simply by his example: when we express ourselves, it’s more than okay to color outside the lines.  It’s more than okay to do things differently than everyone else.  If you feel a little quirky and strange, GO WITH IT.  That authentic approach sure CAN be a lot more fun than trying to be just like everyone else.


Straightline bugland

I had SUCH a difficult time choosing only a few of my favorite pieces to share with you here.  I encourage you to explore his website on your own.  No doubt, the spirit of fun and joy in his work will put a big smile in your heart, too.

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