Inner Perfectionist Beware

I love to design new pieces for the home, especially for kids’ rooms.  As I blog about the importance of honoring self expression, though, at least once per month I MUST let my inner educator come out and play.  When I find books that are fun to read, fun to explore, AND have a built in message of empowerment, why would I keep that to myself?  Below I share with you my first book find of the month.


I believe that within each of us lives at least a hint of perfectionism.  After all, who among us really WANTS to make a mistake?

Apparently Barney Saltzberg does.  In his delightfully creative book, BEAUTIFUL OOPS!, he shows us how to use our mistakes, mishaps and blunders (yes my friend, we ALL make them) as opportunities to set our imaginations free!

Beautiful Oops!  Barney Saltzberg From the very first page you know that you’re in for a special treat.  This book is clearly exciting and mature enough for an older child yet feels as sturdy as an infant’s board book.  That’s important because you’ll want to explore these artistic pages again and again.  Secret fold-always throughout the book show inquisitive minds just how beautiful a smudge, a stain, or a spilled blob of paint can become.

Inner perfectionist beware.  Once you read BEAUTIFUL OOPS!, you and the kids may find yourselves searching for excuses to make more oopses!

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