Inspiring Book Find: Guardians of Being

Mindful pet owners, rejoice!  Have I found the book for you.  Written by Eckhart Tolle, Guardians of Being is not a children’s book per se.  It does, however, seem to transcend categorization into any age group.


Tolle’s simple words are paired with the art of Patrick McDonnell, creator of the award winning cartoon MuttsLighthearted and fun, these happy illustrations will keep kids turning the page.  Each page then rewards them with heartwarming messages of mindful living.


Guardians of BeingIf you’ve read Eckhart Tolle before and find his writing to be a bit, well, obscure, fear not.  Though Tolle’s philosophy and concepts of living in the present moment may be hard to explain, the words in this easy read are simple enough for children to understand. They beautifully describe the deeper joy that pets bring to our lives and the lessons we learn from our own “guardians of being.”


Not a pet owner?  No problem.  This pleasant little book will leave you feeling lighter, calmer, and perhaps ready to go take your neighbor’s dog for a walk.