Inspiring Book Find: See a Heart Share a Heart

Hooray for hearts!  This inspiring book find is for everyone who has one – a heart, that is.


As you may have noticed from the logo, Inner Pieces Gallery is not only interested in expanding children’s minds and boosting brain power but expanding hearts as well.


See a Heart Share a Heart book coverPersonally I realized that my own heart can be guarded at times.  Yep, true story.  So, I recently made the decision to consciously keep my heart open as often as I can.


I love what Michael A. Singer says in The Untethered Soul.  Here’s his method for keeping an open heart:


“You stay open by never closing.”




Soon after making that heart-expanding decision of mine, look what arrived in the mail:  Eric Telchin’s book See a Heart Share a Heart.


It’s the perfect book for kids, for grown ups, for gift giving, for sending lots of love.


If you’ve been with me for awhile you may remember I went a little berserk with joy after discovering The Smiley Book of Colors by Ruth Kaiser.


“I Spy” and visual discrimination enthusiasts (like me) will be just as enthralled with See a Heart Share a Heart.  Photographer Eric Telchin shows us that hearts can be discovered everywhere. In the shadows.  At the beach.  In a rolled up leaf.


Eric Telchin Heart Images


And if hearts are everywhere, so is love.  Let me repeat.  Love is everywhere.


No more closed and guarded hearts here, people.


Want an easy way to open someone else’s heart?  Send them See a Heart Share a Heart and share the love.  Oh, and feel free to share this post, too!


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