Inspiring children’s book find: A Bad Case of Stripes

Inspiring book find of the month: A Bad Case of Stripes by award winning author and illustrator David Shannon.


A Bad Case of Stripes by David ShannonWhen was the last time you had a bad case of stripes?


Never?  Au contraire my friend.


Okay, let me put it this way.


When was the last time you denied something you love in order to spare yourself the indignity of other people’s laughter or judgment?


When was the last time your child did that?  My guess: it may have been yesterday.


Sadly, somehow built into the process of growing up is the notion that we MUST fit in with our peers.  In order to fit in we concern ourselves with what everyone else thinks of us.


What will they think if I’m the only one in the school who likes to eat lima beans?  That’s what Camilla wondered, and assumed the worst.  She decided to keep the truth about her love for lima beans a secret.  That’s when she came down with a bad case of stripes.


Even if your child misses the metaphor, David Shannon’s brilliant illustrations and well paced story will intrigue and entertain.  Children who are making the transition to chapter books will appreciate the longer text, the engaging images that tell complete stories all their own, and maybe even connect with the significant lesson: always be true to yourself.


It’s a great book for older children to read to their younger siblings.  Then again, parents may not wish to miss out on the fun!