Intervention Strategies for Struggling Students – Take a Test Drive

As you probably know, learning-powered printable activities for kids show up fairly often around here at Inner Pieces Gallery. Today I offer you a bonus freebie, only this time you’ll find it in my store over at Teachers Pay Teachers.



Are you ever at a loss when helping your struggling students? Wonder which intervention strategies work for which challenges? Try the Intervention Sampler, free.  Build visual tracking, visual memory, visual closure, visual figure ground, visual discrimination, and spatial awareness.  Learn when and why to target each skill.Of course, you don’t have to be a teacher to join the TPT membership site (if you haven’t already). You just need a name and a valid email address. A desire to help children learn as efficiently as possible, well, that’s certainly something I admire about you but it’s not actually required.



Here’s why I think signing up is worth your (much appreciated) effort.



As a parent or educator, are you ever at a loss when it comes to helping your struggling learners? You’ll now find in my store a free sampler of six different learning ability boosters. While each printable activity targets one specific learning skill, all six have the side benefit of strengthening multiple skills at the same time.



If you’re also a subscriber here at Inner Pieces Gallery you’ve seen a few of these samples before. However, this sampler also includes a brief description of each targeted skill, what it is, signs of struggle to watch out for, and various tools to help boost each foundation skill.



When you learn as much as you can about the reasons why some students have gaps in their learning, you are better equipped to help them overcome their challenges and potentially avoid years of unnecessary struggle. Here’s a good place to start:



Activities from the Intervention Sampler You Can Take for a Free Test Drive


  Grid Maze

Targeted learning skill: Visual Tracking


  Memory Matching Game – Digraphs

Targeted learning skill: Visual Memory


  Finish the Monster Drawing

Targeted learning skill: Visual Closure


  Dot Grid Pattern Play

Targeted learning skill: Visual Figure Ground


  Word Play

Targeted learning skill: Visual Discrimination


  Visual Spatial Puzzle Play

Targeted learning skill: Spatial Awareness



While the information in this free sampler may not magically transform you into an educational therapist or expert learning specialist, it might just offer some clues to the challenge of helping your child learn with ease and confidence.



If you know someone else who may benefit from this information, thank you in advance for sharing the Intervention Sampler link.