Introducing: Fun Printable Activities for Kids

Hmmm, what should I call them?


Brain boosters?


Boredom busters?


Although they may not have a catchy title (yet) they are the newest editions to Inner Pieces Gallery and are your little hint of what’s on the horizon.


Now presenting: fun printable activity pages for kids! 


kids' maze winter umbrella theme

I’ve taken my love of design and combined it with my love of empowering young minds.  Each new activity page is designed not simply to pass the time or add a splash of fun to the day but also to strengthen developmental skills that children need for becoming successful learners.   We will, of course, keep any notion that “it’s good for you” our little secret.  Kids will be having too much fun to notice they are actually giving their mental muscles a workout.


You may recall my recent art prints for kids that help celebrate the seasons.  Now children can enjoy printable mazes, coloring pages and more visual perceptual activities based upon the same images and theme.


Hint to all you teachers out there: these new printables make a great complement to any seasons themed curriculum unit.


And parents, there’s no need to let those young minds collect cobwebs during the summer months.  Come on over to the shop for a few new brain boosting, boredom busting, fun printable activities for YOUR kids.

Update:  A variation of this printable is now part of a complete 10 pack of mazes, which you’ll find here in my TPT store.