Is This Valentine’s Day Card Too Creepy?

What do you think?  Is Valentine’s Day about romance, or is it about love in general, the kind that covers the gamut from romantic love, to family love, to the love we share with dear friends?


What happens when moms give cards to their kids?  Is that… creepy?


Valentine's Day card as brown kraft envelope bursting with red puffy hearts on white background with pink text


Some elementary schools still maintain the tradition of passing out cards and candy, favoring the philosophy of no classmate left behind.


Of course, kids aren’t really thinking much about romance at that point.  It’s all about the sugar!  How much heart-shaped candy can they score?  How much can they consume in one sitting?


When I was that age, my mom gave me Valentine’s Day cards, too.  “Thanks, Mom!”  (Yum.)


Then I became a teenager.  I had boys on my mind.  The preciously sweet and loving Valentine’s Day cards that my mother gave me started to feel a little, well, inappropriate.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say it felt creepy.  I knew that she loved me, but at that point I also KNEW (because teenagers know everything) that Valentine’s Day was all about cupid and romance.


“Er, thanks Mom.”  (I love you, too, but ewww!)


Then came adulthood.  For reasons I need not mention here, I began to boycott Valentine’s Day, or at least the commercialized pressure of it.


Did Mom let that stop her?  Oh no.  She continued to send me those super gushy, super sentimental love notes on Valentine’s Day.


At this point you might think that I believe Valentine’s Day should be reserved for romantic partners, or at least the non-boycotting kind.  The truth is, I miss those ultra-precious cards from my mom.  She’s been gone for quite some time now, but I always remember her love.  Being almost creeped out by her expression of that love when I was a teenager is irrelevant.  Actually, it makes the memory of her persistence even sweeter.  What I wouldn’t give for another over-the-top Valentine’s Day card from her.


My point is this.  If you love someone, and want to send them a card, send it.  If your kids KNOW, as I did, that Valentine’s Day is reserved for romantic love, permission granted to creep them out anyway.   By the way, if you want to include some fun, brain-building activities for  kids with that card (or instead of it), check out this Valentine’s Day Printable Roundup for Kids.