Kids in the Kitchen

Kitchen Kids Josefine Bentzen knife and cutting board













Today I am celebrating good design… of the culinary kind.

My nephews love helping out in the kitchen.  The 4 year old recently learned that he may not QUITE be ready to chop vegetables, and will proudly show you the boo boo to prove it.

This is where brilliant design can have a huge impact.  Too bad these award winning, kid friendly kitchen tools have not made it to retail stores yet.  I think I would buy the whole set.  Kudos to their designers, Josephine Bentzen and Charlotte Skak.


Kitchen Kids Josefine Bentzen grater













Not only will these tools make parents’ lives easier, involving kids in family meal making

also helps promote good eating habits at an early age,

invites even finicky eaters to be proactive and try something new,

opens doors of communication between kids and their parents as they work together,

AND helps boost children’s self confidence by building skills they can use for a lifetime.

Of course “Kitchen Kids” are fun and stylish too!

Oh yeah, and they help put good food on the table.

I have a funny feeling the kids may want to play, I mean help, in the kitchen every day.  Talk about a win win!   To view the complete “Kitchen Kids” line visit (Update: link no longer available.)

By the way, what’s for dinner tonight?  Go ahead, ask the kids.