Kids’ Play Kitchens Have Own Unique Story

I love kids’ play furniture that ignites a child’s imagination.  I especially love furniture made of quality materials that does NOT make your home feel like a plastics factory in the process.  December‘s design inspiration, Inner Child Meet Your New Favorite Furniture, is one great example of a designer who creates exactly that.  Ready for another?

As luck would have it, I didn’t need to travel very far in order to bring you this month’s inspirational design find.  It was already waiting for me in my own back yard!

K-Collection Mini White Kitchen

I am thrilled to introduce you to Hadas Kol, a talented designer, creative artist and mother of 3 living in Davis, CA.  Hello, neighbor!  Because her K-Collection boutique kitchen play sets for children are born of sustainable materials, they already begin with a story all their own.


My kitchens are inspired by an old wood cabinet, a broken night stand or just scrap wood. I use sustainable materials and accessories, day-to-day objects that are all around us and are closest to the “real thing” for our children.


Want to know what I love most about her kids’ play kitchens?  Well that’s easy.  Everything!

Hadas finds a variety of wood furniture pieces from days gone by and breathes new life into them.

Love that.

With a big splash of creativity, plenty of elbow grease and a whole lot of heart she transforms something old into a uniquely adorable new treasure.

Love love love!

K-Collection Red Kitchen

The best part is, okay, they’re ALL the best parts, but here’s another one, anyway… each, handcrafted life-like kids’ play kitchen set is a one of a kind piece, offering your one of a kind child a classy, tailor made place to let imagination run free!

Love with a double scoop of more love on top!

To be honest, with all the care and attention that Hadas puts into each of her creations, I’m not exactly sure how she keeps her prices so reasonable.  If you are looking to create a home environment that nurtures your child’s freedom to shine, hurry over to see more K-Collection images.  You’ll also get to see what some of her kids’ play kitchens looked like BEFORE the transformation.  (Wow!)  And if you love them as I do, I welcome you to share this post!

Update: though these kitchens are no longer available, please feel free to use them as inspiration.