Kindness Grid Maze for Kids

Many printable activities for kids, and for kids at heart, live here at Inner Pieces Gallery.  Among them are grid mazes.  Among those, you’ll find a few different types of grid mazes.  For the grid mazes that only include images rather than letters, please start here.  The inspiration behind today’s kindness grid maze, however, came from what we all see in the news lately.


Teal and purple backgrounds for white text. Image of white worksheet with an 8 x 8 grid of purple capital letters.

I imagine that no matter when you find your way to this printable activity, the story will be the same.  People forget to be kind to each other.


Let’s help kids remember they have kindness at their core.


How It Works

Starting at the top of the grid maze, kids draw a line through the letters in the words I AM KIND.  They follow this sentence 5 times until they reach the finish.


Why Use It

In case you were wondering, no, punishment for students who forget their manners is not the intention of this activity.  It’s more like a mantra of sorts, one that includes visual skill-building benefits at the same time.  The more that children reinforce what’s good about themselves, the more they believe it.  The more they believe it, the more they remember it.  Hopefully that means they also remember that kindness matters, and choose to spread more of it!


When to Use It

Feel free to use this grid maze as a starting point for any discussion about kindness.  Alternatively, use it as part of a kindness week, or even a kindness month at home or in the classroom.  If that’s your plan, you may also enjoy The Garden of Kindness.


How to Find It

Find both activities, plus the image-only grid mazes that I mentioned earlier (and more), inside The Free Printables Collection.


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