Learning Intervention That Fits

Obvious statement alert!  Not all learning difficulties are created equal.  Of course, you know this already.


Boy sitting on floor, holding the final piece of an all blue puzzle. Image caption reads: Learning Intervention That Fits.

If you are a parent of a child with learning differences, then you already know that the word “differences” doesn’t even describe the half of it.


Your child with learning differences is quite unique, quite different than other children with learning differences.


One child may have trouble with reading, spelling, and math, while your child reads exceptionally well but can’t seem to remember homework assignments no matter how many organizational hacks and strategies you try.


Naturally, then, a one-size-fits all approach to learning intervention doesn’t make sense here.  All too often, though, that is exactly the approach that schools provide.


Trouble reading?  We have this ONE reading program for you (and for everyone else who struggles with reading).


After all, we spent so much time and money training our specialists on this ONE reading program.  It’s going to work.  It has to.  If it doesn’t, well, it must be your child’s fault, not ours.


Trouble with math?  We’ll just keep repeating the same math drills until something eventually starts to click.


In my humble opinion, this is madness.


Do you agree?


Tailored Learning Solutions

If you have a unique learner, then you certainly want to find intervention that fits your child’s unique learning needs.  Not sort of fits.  Not fits a little here but not there.  One that fits in a way that frees your child from feeling like a failure, feeling like her brain must be broken, feeling like there’s something wrong with her.


Intervention that fits leads your child to truly succeed at learning, not simply cope with the struggle.


How do you find the perfect combination of EFFECTIVE strategies that fit?


I always recommend quality educational therapy for parents of struggling learners.  If you can afford it for the long term, and if you can find someone in your area with plenty of experience working with children as unique as yours, then I would love to see you skip the battle with the schools entirely.


Save yourself the stress and heartache, and all of that wasted time wishing things were different.  Sure, we think the schools really SHOULD offer EFFECTIVE intervention for every child who needs it.


Wishing it were so isn’t making it so.  Too many students (and parents) continue to suffer because of this.  Let’s decide right now not to gamble with your child’s future that way.


If you happen to be a classroom teacher reading this, please understand that I mean no disrespect.  Most teachers work harder than anyone in order to reach EVERY student.  Many schools still aren’t well-equipped, though, to do that for every unique learner out there.


If educational therapy is either not available or is cost prohibitive, what can parents do instead?


I’m so glad you asked.


Choose a Different Path

I’d like to make the case for training yourself to become your child’s personal learning expert.  I know, I know, the term expert is scary.  Hear me out.


You are already an expert about your child’s personality, his interests, his quirks, his fears.  The best news is that in order to help your child succeed at learning, you don’t need to become on expert about everything pertaining to learning.  You don’t need to know how to help EVERY child, only your own.


You don’t need to waste your time becoming an expert on executive function skills if your child doesn’t struggle with executive function.


“But Cherice, I don’t even know what executive function means.  How do I know if my child struggles with it?”


Ah, another great question.


This is where online training comes in.  A few times per year I offer training to parents who know they want to do things, well differently.


In this training parents learn:

  • What signs to look for in order to identify their own child’s specific learning challenges (not just the surface level academic challenges but the deeper root causes)
  • How to measure those challenges
  • How to implement EFFECTIVE strategies that lead to learning breakthroughs
  • How to simplify intervention so that both parent and child ENJOY the process of learning (imagine that!), all the while celebrating successes each step of the way


Intervention does not need to be complicated.  It can be fun.  True story!


You do not need to butt heads with your struggling learner and put unnecessary pressure on his shoulders in order to witness tremendous growth.  In fact, I encourage you both to play a lot of games together.  (Another true story!)


Just as you tell your child, “You can do this!” I now get to tell you, “You can do this, too.”


Want to learn more?


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