Do you wish you could understand your struggling learner better?

group of young children in colorful boots holding magnifying glasses

Parents and educators of struggling elementary students, if you’d like to discover the real root of many learning difficulties, I invite you to watch a free video training.

Yes, learning differences, including dyslexia, auditory processing challenges, and other roadblocks to learning, can be VERY challenging for students.

Please hear me when I say that these challenges do not destine students to a lifetime of learning struggles.  However…

what you don’t know about learning differences MAY continue to hold your learner back. 


I’d like to change that.

I’d like us to stop guessing at solutions that MIGHT help our struggling students.

I’d like us to stop throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, eventually.

Let’s look at learning differences differently.

Let’s help our often defeated and deflated kiddos finally succeed at learning.  It starts with understanding them on a much deeper level.


Homeschool?  Private school?  Traditional school with a one-size-fits-all approach to learning intervention?

Either way, please join me for this quick mini-training. 

You’ll walk away with these key takeaways:

  • Why traditional forms of learning intervention often fail students who learn differently
  • What successful learning intervention looks like, in detail
  • Signs of learning difficulty that parents and educators can look out for
  • Executive Function – what it is and how to optimize it
  • One very important secret to helping kids succeed at learning

Are you ready to understand your learner in an entirely new way?

Start with Looking at Learning Differences Differently – Part 1 to begin this short, 5-part video series (FREE).