The Letter Sounds Made Simple BUNDLE


Effective (Uncomplicated) Multisensory Reading Intervention for Struggling Readers in Grades 1-6



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If you’re a parent, teacher, or specialist in education, what if reading intervention didn’t have to feel so… daunting?


The Letter Sounds Made Simple BUNDLE lets you help struggling learners unlock hidden reading abilities in a way that’s fun, engaging, and tailor-fit to their unique needs.


Maybe you’ve taken the reading intervention journey before, and now you question whether the reading intervention program you REALLY want even exists.


This very special kind of reading program: 

  • Must NOT require a lot of time to implement
  • Must NOT generate stress or resistance to learning
  • MUST NOT allow older students to feel as if they’re working on “little kids’ stuff”
  • MUST fill hidden reading gaps, especially the difficult-to-fill kind, AND…
  • MUST help students read at or above grade level


Ideally that reading intervention program also:

  • Requires very little prep work
  • Targets the RIGHT reading skills
  • Generates easy wins almost immediately
  • Leaves students looking forward to the next lesson, AND…
  • Leaves parents, teachers AND students confident that they’re moving in the right direction


Are you asking too much if you ALSO want your reading instruction to feel light, fun, and easy?


Absolutely not!  Dyslexia or no dyslexia, learning difference or no learning difference, your learner deserves to read.  YOU deserve to help improve reading skills without feeling like you’re the meanest drill sergeant ever!


introducing…The Letter Sounds Made Simple BUNDLE










You should know that the included Letter Sounds Made Simple Program, which is only part of this bundle, is ideal for students who struggle with letter recognition.


Some students, especially students with dyslexia or other language-based learning difficulties, recognize letters one day but struggle to read them the next.


Whether you notice a consistency problem or not, if your child or student reads below grade level, use The Letter Sounds Made Simple Program to fill hidden reading gaps.  


Here’s the really fun part.  When all of those quick wins start accumulating, when your struggling reader begins to feel confident and capable, you get to watch what happens next.  Cue the sense of pride.  Cue the moment your learner finally identifies as someone who reads.  At that point, by all means, let yourself feel full of hope and possibility.  You AND your learner certainly earned it!


The instructor guided workbooks are the core of the program. The reading intervention BUNDLE described below, however, EXPANDS the power of the two workbooks.  It delivers even more resources, more ways to reinforce each lesson, and more opportunities for kids to enjoy the process of reading and learning.




 The Letter Sounds Made Simple Program:
LSMS Workbook Level 1
LSMS Workbook Level 2
  Instructor Training Video
  The Letter Sounds Made Simple Digital Practice Decks
  Level 1 – All 10 Decks
  Level 2 – All 16 Decks
  An incredible opportunity to help struggling readers achieve breakthroughs in reading!


All of the above, when purchased individually = $122.00






Letter Sounds Made Simple – Level 1 Workbook 

This is an easy-to-use intervention tool for struggling readers in 1st grade through 6th grade.  Each simple lesson allows students to connect the sounds of letters to their letter symbols quickly and accurately.


With you as their guide, students make quick progress.  One-to-one settings are best.  Small group instruction is okay, too.


Using a simple, multisensory method (as demonstrated in the training video), children learn to identify, blend, and segment letters by practicing the following:

  • Writing
  • Sequencing
  • Reading Nonsense Words
  • Rhyming
  • Reviewing


No more than 10 minutes per practice session is needed!


By the time students complete their very first lesson in Level 1 they can already read and write letters, letter combinations and short words.


Note: Ideally, students who begin this program already have an understanding of phonemic awareness.  If you haven’t yet begun phonemic awareness training with your learner, don’t quite know what that is, or aren’t sure if your learner even needs it, you can still begin right away if you’d like.  The Letter Sounds Made Simple Training tells you how to do so effectively.

Letter Sounds Made Simple – Level 2 Workbook 

Building upon the progress from Level 1, Level 2 introduces more complicated letter combinations.  For that reason, I recommend Level 2 for grades 2-6.


By the time students complete Workbook Level 2 they can read and write words using most letter combinations common to the English language.


By the way, when you transform a potentially lifelong struggle into a powerful victory, that’s no small feat.  Your learner might not give you the credit, but I see you!


Letter Sounds Made Simple – Instructor Training

The workbooks are extremely simple to implement.  They do not require much training of the trainer.  However, to ensure that instruction is as impactful as possible, please watch the instructor training included in this bundle.


The video also helps you understand why such a simple reading intervention program can have such profound results!


Here’s what you learn (in 20 minutes):

  • Which crucial step must come first before any reading intervention efforts will actually stick
  • Where phonemic awareness fits into the big picture of effective reading intervention (plus what phonemic awareness is)
  • What sound-symbol association is and how to know if your child or student needs to work on this
  • Why sound-symbol association can be so complicated for some students
  • How to best implement The Letter Sounds Made Simple Program at home, in the classroom, or via distance learning / teletherapy
  • How to elevate the multisensory component of the program for an even greater impact

Letter Sounds Made Simple – Digital Practice Level 1

While students experience significant reading growth even without using practice decks, kids love learning in a variety of ways.


With the help of digital practice, struggling readers can strengthen letter recognition, sound-symbol association, and critical reading skills.


They can review, reinforce, and anchor the connections they made after each workbook lesson.  Perhaps more importantly, learners enjoy a sense of independence in a fun and highly engaging way.


With this bundle you receive all ten digital practice decks that correspond with all ten lessons in Workbook Level 1.  These are delivered on a platform called Boom™ Learning.  (Simple instructions for using Boom Decks are included).

Letter Sounds Made Simple – Digital Practice Level 2

With this bundle you also receive all sixteen digital practice decks that correspond with all sixteen lessons in Workbook Level 2.


Students can “play” each practice deck independently at home (away from the watchful eyes of Mom or Dad if they wish).  Teachers can assign practice decks in classroom centers (with headphones).  Specialists can assign them via teletherapy.  Plus, students can play as many times as needed.


Decks are self-correcting, which means students can correct themselves immediately.  This helps them feel independently successful as one reading victory after another rolls in.



If you don’t already have a free account on Teachers Pay Teachers, sign up for one.

STEP 3   

Watch the included 20-minute instructor training video.

STEP 4   

Print the first workbook lesson and begin!


For extra reinforcement, or just for fun, assign digital practice decks.  (Read the included instructions for assigning decks using a free Boom Learning account.)


Celebrate your learner’s successes (and yours) every step of the way!


Imagine if you could change the trajectory of your learner’s future for the better. Would you?


Imagine if you didn’t have to waste a lot of time or money to change a “lifelong” reading struggle into lifelong success.


Please don’t wait any longer.  Now is the time to let your struggling reader’s wins start rolling in.



The Letter Sounds Made Simple BUNDLE


Effective (Uncomplicated) Multisensory Reading Intervention for Struggling Readers in Grades 1-6


Unlock hidden reading abilities in a way that’s fun, engaging, and tailor-fit to your learner’s unique needs.


$122  $77