Making Friends Is an Art

Children’s book author Julia Cook knows that in order to have good friends, kids need to know how to be a good friend.  Thankfully, she shares her wisdom in a book called Making Friends Is an Art!


The Story

Brown is the tallest, sharpest pencil in the box.  He’s not very happy about that.  Not exactly a brilliant or popular color, he isn’t chosen as often as the others.


Making Friends Is an Art!Feeling left out and, well, grumpy, sometimes Brown is mean toward the other pencils.  They seem so much better than he is.


Then Brown learns from the other pencils what friendship is all about.  He learns about empathy, kindness, and about being a good listener.  He learns how to appreciate some of his own good qualities and accept his differences.  Ultimately he learns how to be a good friend.


What I Love About this Children’s Book

Navigating the waters of friendship can be tough for many children.  Even tougher, teaching those same children about friendship without creating deeper feelings of inadequacy.


Making Friends Is an Art! tackles this delicate subject in a lighthearted, nonthreatening way.  Even children who don’t have trouble making friends will learn ways to help those children who do.


And kudos to illustrator Bridget A. Barnes.  Those pencils are pretty adorable!


Recommended for ages 4-8.