Mandala with Tessellations Brings Creative Learning for Kids

Color Me: Mandala with Tessellations

It’s bonus printable time!  This mandala coloring page for kids of all ages (yes, that means you, too) is brought to you by special request from one of my dear readers.


Of course, as usual I had to make the design process harder on myself, er, I mean, give myself an extra challenge, so I decided to add some tessellations to the mix.  Why?


First a little about…




Entire books have been written about the spiritual symbolism of mandalas so I’ll leave those details to the experts.


For now I’ll offer you the simplest interpretation.  “Mandala” is a Sanskrit word, loosely translated, for “circle.”


It represents wholeness.


Some use it for meditation.


Some use it to unlock their creativity.


Some say that understanding mandalas as a microcosm of the universe has the power to change the way we see ourselves and how we are all connected to one another.


Metaphysical benefits aside, I chose to create this mandala with a slight educational twist.




You may recall from the latest Spatial Awareness Roundup that tessellations can nurture children’s spatial skills.


Tessellations provide a great way to teach higher level math concepts.  Since higher level math concepts happen to, well, make me yawn (sorry Mr. Raber), I chose to apply only the basic rules here: the repeating geometric shapes do not overlap and do not have any gaps between them.


So, is this printable mandala coloring page WITH tessellations for you?

Perhaps, especially if:


you’d like a fun way to introduce a teaching unit on tessellations

you have writers block and wish to wake up your right brain

you and/or your children simply love to color (my personal favorite)

you enjoy meditation and aim to unlock the secrets of the universe.


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Oh, and if you happen to unlock the secrets of the universe do come back and let me know!