MLK Day Activity for Kids: Sequencing and Tracking

Did you know that many of the visual tracking activities that you’ll find here at IPG also develop the important learning skill of sequencing?


I don’t mention it much, but activities like Image Tracking and Letter Tracking, specifically the pages in which students track more than one image or letter at a time, include the happy side benefit of extra sequencing practice.  (To learn about visual tracking, read this post.)


Graphic of printable activity called “Word Tracking.” Unlined grid of capital letters. Caption reads: MLK Jr. Day Activity, A Sequencing and Tracking Freebie for Kids.

The Importance of Sequencing

Sequencing can often be a challenge for our struggling learners.


Sequencing helps us understand what comes first, next, and last in a story, which helps with comprehension.


Sequencing allows us to understand that the number 5, for example, comes AFTER the number 4 and BEFORE the number 6.  If this is a difficult concept to understand, then mathematics will certainly be difficult.


Word Tracking Printable for Kids: DREAM

For Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and for any day that you want to give your child the freedom to dream, I designed a new sequencing activity.  It just so happens to be a visual tracking activity, too, and a working memory activity, and an attention activity.


Since kids will sequence the letters in the word DREAM (in other words, circle the letters in the correct order), you might consider it a spelling activity as well.  Oh, and we can’t forget the fine motor benefit, and the visual figure ground benefit, and visual discrimination


Phew!  That’s a lot of skill-building!


My dream for your unlimited learner in the making is that this skill-building practice is not only helpful but fun.


IMPORTANT: If your child struggles with letter recognition then this Word Tracking printable is likely too advanced.  I recommend starting with the Image Tracking activities that I mentioned above.


How It Works

Instructions for students:  Underline the letters in each row from left to right.  DO NOT lift your pencil until the end of each row.  As you underline, circle each letter in the word DREAM in sequential order.


Note: If you come across two letter Ds, for example, before you find the next letter R, only circle the first D and skip the second.


(Parents, you can find a video preview of the process in this listing for Image Tracking.)


Where To Find It

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