Move Over DIY Mother’s Day Cards

Love and Gratitude for MomMove over DIY Mother’s Day cards.  Here comes a printable Book of Love and Gratitude for Mom that children can put their whole hearts AND minds into.


Moms, let’s be honest.  Handmade Mother’s Day cards are lovely, right?  Still, you know your child spent all of five minutes expressing how loved and valued you are before scampering off to watch television.


Good thing you’re a sucker for anything from your child that says “I Love You Mom.”  That’s more than enough to fill your heart on Mother’s Day.  Then againnnnnn…


Wouldn’t it be nice to know your child put a little bit more thought into what makes Mom so special?


Don’t worry.  You’re not a bad mom for thinking so.  Even if you think it, no need to admit it.  Simply enjoy this heartfelt Mother’s Day gift from your very thoughtful child.


Long after Mother’s Day, when you’re having one of those bad mommy moments, reread your printable Book of Love and Gratitude for Mom.  It’s a surefire way to chase away any of those what was I ever thinking when I decided to have children blues.


Love and Gratitude for Mom pages

Appropriate for all ages, kids can draw, color, collage, or write everything they love about Mom.   Of course to create the “book” children will need to complete multiple pages that describe just how wonderful you are (wink wink).


What’s that?  You feel selfish asking your children what they love about you?


Consider this.  Helping children develop a healthy sense of gratitude is a loving act.  The Gratitude Journal for Kids that complements this Book of Love and Gratitude for Mom will remind you why that’s so important.


So, this Mother’s Day let’s open your child’s heart at the same time your child opens yours.


Know a mom who would enjoy doing the same?  Please feel free to share!  (We have one for dads, too.)


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