Paper Mosaic Puzzle Craft for Kids: Hot Air Balloon

Puzzles are always a great way to strengthen visual skills. This variation of a paper mosaic is just as much puzzle as it is art project.


Paper Mosaic Hot Air Balloon


Instead of merely filling a shape with random bits of paper, children boost a few extra learning skills with this fun printable paper mosaic.


  They tap into their creativity from the very first step, coloring the hot air balloon and background. I’ve included a blank template for kids who wish to draw their own picture.


  They practice scissor skills when carefully cutting out each square piece of the puzzle, 72 pieces in all. Of course if your child is not ready for this step, please offer assistance.


  They strengthen visual discrimination, spatial awareness, and logic and reasoning skills when reassembling the image.


  And, they exercise their fine motor skills (and attention, and patience) when gluing each piece of their paper mosaic in place.


Will they actually feel their learning skills stretching and growing? Probably not. Let’s keep that our little secret.


You are welcome to enjoy this free printable with your children at home or with your students in the classroom.


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