Printable Fun for Kids – A Positive Spin on Mixed Up Words

It’s free printable time again. Let the kids have a little fun unscrambling these positive, mixed up words.


As I was thinking of a theme for this mixed up word list, my first thought was to focus the theme around an upcoming holiday. Then I remembered a trend I’ve noticed lately. More and more readers who join my newsletter are from all different corners of the globe. I love that! My heart expands a little more each time.


I welcome you all! AND I realize that not everyone who joins me will benefit from learning-powered printables based upon popular American holidays.


So… new plan.



Since my threshold for negativity in the news lately happens to have reached its tipping point, I decided to focus my attention on something uplifting instead.


Please enjoy this mixed up word list of positive, uplifting, “feel good” words. It certainly won’t eliminate the bad news of the world, but it’s another simple way to expand hearts – mine, yours, and most importantly, the kids’.


I adapted an upcoming auditory memory activity of mine called I Heard a Mixed Up Word to create Unscramble the Mixed Up “Feel Good” Words. You’ll learn more about that one soon.


That said, you won’t find any auditory memory component required in today’s activity. Just pure and simple fun for kids as they decode a list of mixed up words.


Now, before you run off to print this activity (I appreciate your enthusiasm, by the way), please check to see that your child is familiar with the words on this list. If kids have never seen some of these words before they certainly won’t have any fun attempting to unscramble them.


10 Words on the Mixed UP “Feel Good” Words List

  • fun
  • happy
  • great
  • joy
  • laugh
  • give
  • help
  • hug
  • share
  • dance


What’s Included

Your printable pdf includes 3 pages:

  • The Unscramble Me Worksheet – 10 mixed up words on the left. Spaces for 10 real words on the right.
  • Answer Key
  • A blank template in case you wish to customize a mixed up word list of your own. From American holidays, to French, Russian, or Australian holidays, to spelling lists, you name it. No limits here!


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