Printable Gratitude Journal for Kids

Printable gratitude journal for kids / Inner Pieces Gallery

We often hear that keeping a gratitude journal is a good idea.  Dr. Robert Emmons, professor at University of California, Davis and author of a number of books on the subject of gratitude, tells us why.  According to his research, those who cultivate gratitude in their lives benefit by being more

goal oriented



helpful toward others

and are simply happier people than those who don’t.  Learn more about Dr. Emmons work here.


His research also suggests that developing an attitude of gratitude is a great habit to start early.  Children who regularly think about being grateful think about their school and families in a more positive light.  (Click here for an update on the research.)


Printable gratitude journal for kids / Inner Pieces GalleryWith that in mind, this month’s free printable pdf is a gratitude journal for kids.  Even those who aren’t writing yet can keep a daily journal by simply coloring what they are grateful for.  Or, turn this into a fun shared activity of cutting and pasting images into the journal pages.  What a great way to guide children toward optimism, enthusiasm, and happiness.  Plus, you can experience the many benefits of keeping a grateful heart, too.



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The inside pages of this gratitude journal are designed for duplex (double-sided) printing.  If your printer does not have duplex capabilities, that’s okay.  If it does, remember to select the duplex setting.  Simply print as many of the double sided pages as you like, plus the separate cover page.  Fold all in half and assemble with staples, string or ribbon.