Printable Grid Maze for Kids: Track and Color the Ladybugs

Oh, those tricky ladybugs!  While grid mazes are great for building children’s visual skills, these ladybugs require an extra amount of concentration and attention.


Heading is orange background, white text, reads: Track & Color the Ladybugs. Below, red and white maze with black and white ladybugs pointing up, down, left, right.


Here’s how it works.  This fun yet powerful activity includes a grid full of ladybugs that point every which way.  First, children locate all of the ladybugs that point either left, right, up, or down, then color the ladybugs their assigned colors.  This helps strengthen visual discrimination skills, visual figure ground skills, visual tracking skills, and allows kids to practice directional concepts as well.


Next, kids count the number of ladybugs in each group, checking their answers at the bottom of the page if they wish.


Finally, children complete the maze.  Instead of following all of the ladybugs that look alike, children must follow the ladybugs through the maze in the direction that they point.  This is more advanced than your typical grid maze.


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If your child already tried and loved the more advanced Grid Maze: Track and Color the Pencils, then these ladybugs are sure to please!


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