Printable Grid Maze for Kids: Track and Color the Pencils

Improving children’s visual processing skills doesn’t have to feel like hard work. This pencil themed grid maze is more challenging than some of the other grid mazes you’ll find in The Free Printable Collection, but it’s just as fun.


In fact, I added a few extra steps in this one to keep it interesting.


Solving this pencil themed grid maze requires more concentration than you might think. Help children improve visual tracking, visual discrimination, spatial awareness, and visual figure ground skills with this free printable.


This activity includes a grid full of pencils that point every which way. First, children locate all of the pencils that point either left, right, up, or down, then color the pencils their assigned colors.


Next, kids count the number of pencils in each group. You may check the answers at the bottom of the page to make sure they stay on track.


Finally, children complete the maze. Instead of tracking all of the pencils that look exactly alike, children must follow the pencils through the maze in the direction that they point. This is trickier than it looks!


Your free Grid Maze: Track and Color the Pencils not only challenges kids’ concentration, it helps strengthen visual tracking skills, visual discrimination skills, spatial awareness, and visual figure ground (the ability to differentiate between foreground and background).


As you might guess, all of these skills help children improve their ability to learn with ease and confidence.


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