Printable Grid Maze for Kids: Track & Color the Bees

These days I call my house The Bug House.


My home is only a few years old.  Nearby construction stirs up plenty of bug habitats.  Plus, a vacant field across the street means that I live steps away from a giant safe haven for creepy crawlies.


Yay, me.


Orange 8x8 grid, black & white illustrated bees throughout. Caption reads: Printable Grid Maze for Kids: Track & Color the Bees


If it’s not the spiders or mosquitoes or wasps or the terribly persistent buggers known as springtails that like to party at my place, it’s those tiny, erratic black gnats.  You know the ones.  They like to swarm around faces, faces trying to enjoy a lovely day on the patio.


Regardless of how passionately you swat them away, or mumble “colorful” words, or thank the local hummingbird for snacking on them, they just. keep. coming.


In case you haven’t guessed yet, I don’t like bugs.  In fact, I think I might actually enjoy camping except for, oh yeah, THE BUGS!


Yes, I hire a bug service.  I choose the least toxic kind (outdoors only) so perhaps something stronger might spare me from my ever-revolving medley of pests.  I don’t plan on risking my health for that, so instead I’ve decided to make my peace with the critters as much as possible.


I’m still working on that.


I happen to have an abundance of bees in my yard as well.  Bees are good.  Bees are important.  Bees will hurt you when you get in their way, so I make a point of not getting in their way.


The bees in this grid maze, however, are happy and harmless.


In fact, if kids can follow the bees flying through this maze, they may actually improve important learning skills like visual tracking, visual discrimination, concentration, and more.


A big thank you goes to my newsletter subscriber who made a special request for more grid mazes!  I’m always happy to hear when kids really love them.


Want to learn more about grid mazes?  Read here and watch a quick video here.


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