Printable Holiday Grid Mazes for Kids

Well of course December’s free printable for kids will involve a holiday theme of some sort.  It’s the season of giving, after all.  How about I share two new holiday printables this month instead of one?


Okay.  Done.  Two fun grid mazes coming right up.


Christmas Gifts Grid Maze

Grid mazes are more than just entertainment for the brain.  In this first Christmas Gifts Grid Maze, kids recognize that the gift box with green stripes and red ribbon is different from all the other red and green gift boxes.


Visual discrimination skills, check.


Kids must also find where these striped gifts are located amongst a busy page full of similar gifts.


Visual figure ground skills, check.


Finally, kids start at the top and wind their way through the grid maze until they reach the bottom.


Visual tracking and scanning skills, check.


Naturally, the same brain boosting learning skills apply to the holiday-neutral Snowman Grid Maze, too.


Snowman Grid Maze


A crayon, pencil or marker works just fine.  (Answer keys included.)  However, you can also treat these pages as game boards.  Grab a few of your favorite game pieces and take turns rolling a die.  The first one to travel from start to finish wins!


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