Printable Mosaic Valentine as Envelope

This printable do-it-yourself Valentine for kids is a great way to foster creative expression, strengthen fine motor skills, and even exercise attention.  Aside from all of that, giving from the “heart” is fun!  With this printable DIY Valentine, children enjoy transforming their cut-and-color mosaic heart into its own mini envelope.


Black background. Scissors, red pencils and worksheet in various stages. Copy reads: DIY Valentine heart becomes its own mini envelope!


What the Mosaic Valentine as Envelope includes:


  • One black and white mosaic heart to cut, color, and fold into its own mini envelope (instructions and folding guides included).
  • One colored-for-you mosaic heart, just in case you have way too many Valentines this year and couldn’t possibly color them all.


Ideas for Your Mosaic Valentine: 


  • Standard printer paper or thin card stock works best for ease of folding.
  • Write a personal message or draw a picture inside your heart / mini envelope.
  • The envelope may be small but it’s still the perfect size to fill with a treat.
  • Seal your envelope with a sticker, glue-dots or tape.  Then watch your recipient light up when you deliver your made-by-you Valentine.


As always, please assist children who they’re not quite ready for scissors.  While you’re at it, print one out for yourself.  Remember, there’s no age limit on fun!


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