Printable Paper Scene for Kids “Hello Spring”

Cut out paper with black and white illustrations of boy, girl, rabbit, watering can, kite, wheelbarrow with flowers, and instructions for Paper Scene: "Hello Spring"


For kids ready to unleash their imaginations, here’s a new printable paper scene.  This one’s called “Hello Spring!”


Page 1:

Simple, easy to color illustrations of a boy, girl, rabbit, kite, wheelbarrow with flowers, and watering can.


Page 2:

Background scene with blooming hills, rainbow, butterfly and dragonfly.


Page 3:

Your “Hello Spring” paper scene is expandable of course.  Draw more people and add your own Spring accessories with the included blank template.  Kids can expand their own paper scenes to their hearts content!


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No need to stop there.  Feel free to keep going with “The Neighborhood,” where it all began.


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And may your child’s day be filled with creative fun!