Printable Paper Scene: Halloween

A new printable paper scene has joined the collection here at Inner Pieces Gallery.   This one may be just the thing to prepare your little ones for our upcoming spooky holiday, Halloween.


Paper Scene: Halloween

I’ve purposely designed this paper scene without the traditional gore of Halloween.


For the older kids who want to turn up the fright factor, the included blank template should do the “trick.”  Kids (and adults) can use their own imaginations to create as many tombstones, caskets or zombies as they wish.


This more wholesome version includes:


Page 1:

Illustrations of a girl in a witch costume, a child in a ghost costume, happy spider with spider web, a bat, a scraggly tree, and jack-o-lantern.


Page 2:

Background scene with hills, moon, and “haunted” house.


Page 3:

As mentioned, your Halloween paper scene is expandable.  Draw more costumes, a black cat, witch’s cauldron, or anything else that makes your Halloween scene complete.


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