Printable Patterned Eggs

Sure, these may seem like simple patterned eggs for kids to color, but that’s just the beginning.  YOU get to choose how much brain-building fun these printable patterned eggs bring!  A few ideas to get you started…


Six black and white egg illustrations with different patterns. Checkered, diamond shapes, honeycomb, etc.


Print and color.

Coloring intricate patterns builds fine motor skills AND helps strengthen attention.  Practically effortless, this happens all while fueling artistic expression.


Print, color and cut.

Kids can keep challenging those fine motor skills while they manipulate scissors to cut out their patterned eggs.  Keep the fun going!  Add cut and colored eggs to cards, or artwork, or Easter baskets.  The sky’s the limit on creativity!


Create a memory matching game.

Print 2 pages instead of 1.  Color the matching eggs the same colors.  Now you have a homemade memory matching game! Laminate or cover your eggs with contact paper to play again and again.


Older kids need a bigger challenge?  Color the matching eggs DIFFERENT colors, then test memory for matching patterns only.  Builds memory skills, attention and visual perceptual skills, all significant in healthy reading development.


Easter Egg Hunt

Kids can play the role of Easter bunny and hide their cut and colored eggs throughout the house for the family to find.  Kids will want to keep track of all their excellent hiding places, but MAY just have too much fun to feel those memory muscles getting stronger!


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