Printable Sight Word Hearts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is now a great excuse to sneak a bit of sight word practice into your kiddo’s day.


2 worksheets containing small hearts with sight words written on them. One colored orange, purple, red, one black & white. Caption reads: Free Valentine’s Day Sight Word Activity for kids


Whether you print these heart-themed sight words on Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year, you have multiple ways to “play.”


How it Works

Give your child the uncolored page of sight word hearts.  Then grab 3 crayons or colored pencils in red, orange, and purple.


Option 1:  Independent Work 

Your child reads a sight word from the included list.  Each word on the list is assigned a color: red, orange, or purple.


Your child finds the uncolored heart with the matching sight word, then colors the heart the same color as the word from the list.


Option 2:  Strengthen Auditory Memory and Listening Skills (Recommended)

Print the included sight word list for yourself.  You (the instructor) read one word and its corresponding color out loud.


Example: “Find the word “what.”  Color it orange.”  Or simply say: “What – orange.”


Simple, right?  It’s a fun way to add some variety while practicing sight word recognition.


What’s Included

Instruction Page – Here you’ll find tips for increasing or decreasing the challenge, depending on your child’s skill-level.

Sight Word Hearts Word List (be sure to print this in full color)

Sight Word Hearts Activity Page (black & white)

Sight Word Hearts Answer Key (full color)


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