New learning solutions coming soon!

Do you have a child with significant learning difficulties (also unfortunately knows as learning disabilities)?

If you’re a dedicated parent wondering what your next step should be, and you’re ready to learn how to unlock your child’s learning abilities, please add your information to the waiting list sign-up below.

A new online course to help you remove the limits to your child’s learning is expected summer, 2019.

Maybe your child has been officially diagnosed with a learning disability (dyslexia, auditory processing or visual processing disorder and the like).

Maybe your child simply struggles to keep up in class and is performing a full year or more below grade level, and you’re still not sure why.

Either way, you may have tried:

  • tutoring
  • waiting for (or battling) the school to provide intervention
  • hiring a specialist like an Orton Gillingham practitioner
  • pulling your hair out in frustration wondering why the information doesn’t seem to stick

But none of that was enough.  Why?  Because your child needs more.

I would like to help you find that missing piece to your child’s learning puzzle.

What would it mean to you if you could

…stop worrying about your child’s future?

…see your child’s confidence soar after becoming a stronger, more capable, independent learner?

…become the proud parent who can make that transformation happen?

This course takes all of my experience helping students overcome learning challenges, and puts the knowledge and powerful strategies into your hands so that you may do the same for your own child, working one-on-one together at home.

Sign up for the waiting list below.  I’ll send you the course details as soon as they’re ready to go.

I’m looking forward to joining you on this powerful journey of learning!


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