You may have landed on this page because you’re ready to help a struggling learner remove the limits to learning, or you’re simply curious about what that looks like.  (If you’re here for the waiting list, good news!  The wait is over.)

I now invite you to begin with one of the free trainings below.  You’ll then receive complete details about a comprehensive online course now available to you. 

What’s the course about?

Well, in short, it’s called How to Grow a Learner, the complete (easy to follow) learning intervention system for parents ready to unlock their children’s true learning abilities.  It just so happens to be open to educators as well.

Whether you’re ready for a deeper dive into learning intervention or not, the trainings below are free with no obligation to purchase a thing.  Choose the one that’s right for you.

P.S. Only those who take this first step receive complete course details so… please select your favorite option below!

Text only on teal, green and white backgrounds. The Letter Sounds Made Simple TEST DRIVE

Start with The Letter Sounds Made Simple TEST DRIVE if you’re simply looking for an easy yet powerful reading program, one that helps struggling readers actually look forward to reading intervention time.  (Imagine that!)  Ideal for struggling (or beginning) readers in grades K-6.  Click the image above.

group of young children in colorful boots holding magnifying glasses

Start with Looking at Learning Differences Differently if you want to truly understand your struggling learner on a much deeper level.  Discover what’s hidden underneath the learning difficulties, and what you can do to help.  A must-watch for any “helper” of a child with learning differences.  Click the image above.