Sea Life Theme Fun Pages for Kids

I’m guessing that you like free printable activities for the kids, right?  Most likely that’s how you discovered Inner Pieces Gallery.


If you happen to be one of my (smart, beautiful, amazing, wonderful) subscribers then you already have access to a growing list of fun printable activities for kids.


Sea Life Theme Printable Fun PagesI appreciate each one of my (smart, beautiful, amazing, wonderful) subscribers, especially since “free” typically means:


  • Type your name and email address into 2 little sign-up boxes.
  • Complete the registration process with that same email.
  • Create your own username and password.
  • Decide which of the printable activities you want to download first.


Phew!  That’s a bit of work.


I have another freebie for you, but this one is in a new location. You see, I’ve just opened shop in a lovely online marketplace called Teachers Pay Teachers.


While I work to design and add more brain boosting learning tools to the store I do have a pack of Sea Life Theme Fun Pages waiting for you there.  Recommended for grades 1 and 2 (though you know your child best) it includes:


  • 2 coloring pages – seahorse and angel fish
  • 2 matching activities great for strengthening visual discrimination skills
  • 1 octopus maze


Here we go again, though, asking for a bit of work on your part.  If you wish to download anything from my store you’ll first need to sign up with a user name, password and email.  I do appreciate your support when you sign up using my referral link.


The best part?  All the other teacher-authors at Teachers Pay Teachers offer free printables, too!  Whether you’re a teacher, homeschool parent, or simply wish to find something fun and educational for the kids, anyone can sign up.


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To that I say, thank you.  And please, enjoy your new Sea Life Theme Fun Pages for Kids.