Seek and Find and Color Me Bookmark for Kids

The other day I found myself at the local library donating, among other things, some professionally printed bookmarks that I designed for the kiddos.  Then it dawned on me that I’d have greater reach if I made these bookmarks available to, well, everyone.


Reading is fun. Bookmarks are fun, especially ones that kids can color. But what about a bookmark that helps kids strengthen visual processing skills, too? Download this printable Hidden Picture / Seek and Find and Color Me Bookmark free.


So that’s what I did.


This fun, visual skill-building bookmark for kids is now available to you, for free, but you won’t find it here in The Free Printables Collection.


Instead please visit my TPT store.  If you aren’t yet a member of Teachers Pay Teachers, no worries.  It’s very easy (and free) to join.  Once you do you’ll have access to an AMAZING amount of educational resources for kids.  Did I say “amazing?”  AMAZING!


Please don’t let the name fool you.  Teachers Pay Teachers is a place for ANYONE who wants to advance the learning power of kids.  Whether you’re a teacher, a homeschool parent, just a mom (okay, nobody is “JUST a mom”), a dad, a grandparent, auntie, uncle, good Samaritan, you name it, you are welcome at TPT.


True.  You may not find many Seek and Find and Color Me Bookmarks like this one over there.  This one is a bit, shall we say, unusual.  Clearly I couldn’t resist adding my own cognitive skill-building twist!  However, you WILL find plenty of fun, engaging, educational resources for kids of all ages.


Find your free Seek and Find and Color Me Bookmark here.


If you need this first step first, find your easy TPT sign up page here.


Let’s keep our kiddos reading strong, and having fun doing so!