Seek and Find and Color Me Gifts for Kids

A big thank you to one of my newsletter subscribers who first flattered me with praise (smart move) and then placed a special request for more seek and find activities for kids.  It worked!


Seek and find worksheet with layered illustrations of gifts (striped, plaid, polkadot). Gray background, hot pink header with title


Yes, even though I did recently add another seek and find to The Free Printables Collection, this request was an easy one to fulfill.


I chose a gift theme this time because:

  • It happens to be my birth month (hello fellow Aries friends)
  • Kids celebrate birthdays every month of the year
  • I’d love to highlight the important message of finding the gifts within all kinds of circumstances, even the really, really, REALLY difficult ones


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In other words, no birthday is required in order to enjoy this free printable: Seek & Find & Color Me Gifts. Ready to download yours?  Either sign in or sign up below.


You, my dear reader, are a true gift to me.