Seek and Find and Color Me Pumpkins for Halloween

It’s that spooky time of year again, Halloween!  And while I already have a roundup of Halloween printables waiting for you, I decided that you might enjoy something new this year.  Introducing…

Free printable for kids! Sneak in a little visual skill-building this Halloween. While children have fun seeking, finding, and coloring the proper pumpkins they also strengthen visual discrimination skills and more.

Seek and Find and Color-Me Pumpkins!

Print the page (it’s free with sign-up), then let the kids go to town with crayons, markers or colored pencils.  Here’s what they will strengthen in the process:


  • Visual discrimination skills – being able to identify which images are the same or different.
  • Visual figure ground skills – being able to identify an image against a crowded background.
  • Fine motor and attention skills, especially if you instruct the kids to be SUPER careful not to color outside the lines.


Yes, I know, I know.  Creativity is all about freedom, right?  If you prefer to give free reign to your child’s inner artist, by all means, do!


You do NOT have to use this opportunity to strengthen fine motor and attention skills.  Just know that you can use Seek and Find and Color Me Pumpkins for more than just fun and visual skills training, if you wish.


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