Sensory Play Roundup

When I was a child, play dough was by far my favorite sensory play activity.  Why?  Okay, true confession time:  I didn’t like to get my hands dirty.  I wasn’t one of those kids who loved rolling or digging around in the dirt.


Sure, finger painting was fun, as long as the paint stayed on the paper and on only maybe one or two of my precious little fingers.


Sensory Play Roundup

Play dough, on the other hand, was perfect.  It could be squished and poked and sculpted and no sticky goo stuck itself offensively to my sensitive skin.  If you are raising a neat-nick or a sensitive child at home, too, it’s a great way for kids to get their hands involved without any of the ick factor.


As an adult play dough also became a successful addition to my toolbox for remediation of learning difficulties. 


Optimum learning often occurs when we include all modalities in the learning process.  Students sculpt play dough letters and words, trace over them with their fingers while speaking the sounds out loud, engage their verbal and auditory connections, and maybe even engage their sense of smell all at the same time.  It’s a fun way to make a significant impact.


I’ve gathered a number of links for you to explore below.  They provide many more ways to engage your child in sensory play.  And please don’t just let your kids have all the fun!  Let the child inside of you come out to play, too.


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A big thank you to all who contributed so many great ways to play!