Simple Snowflake Template

This simple snowflake template is perfect for creative little hands.  Strengthen fine motor skills with an easy fold and cut printable for kids.  Small scissors are best.  So is thin paper if you’ve got it.


Simple Snowflake Template

Once you get the hang of how easy it can be, the (winter) sky is the limit when creating your own snowflake designs!


My original intent with this month’s printable was to make it easy to contribute to the Sandy Hook Elementary School PTA’s snowflake project.  I am happy to report that they received such an overwhelming amount of snowflakes that they closed their donation request.


Please visit for great ideas about creating our own winter wonderlands plus more ways to help honor Sandy Hook within our own communities.


Since I’d like to make it super simple for everyone to create their own snowflakes, no sign up is required for this month’s printable.


Click this link for instant access to your simple snowflake template pdf (Acrobat 5.0 or higher is required).  Now go have some fun!


Of course, children are starting at all different levels of scissor skills. With that in mind I decided to share a variety of snowflake designs here on this Pinterest board.  Some templates are even easier than this one.  Others are quite intricate and beautiful.  What a fun way to build fine motor skills, unleash your child’s creativity (and yours, too), and even do some good in the world.


Feel free to pass this along.  Let your friends know how they can help, too!