St. Patrick’s Day Printable LUCKY Grid Maze for Kids

Do you know why we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, even if none of our ancestors were Irish?


Did you know that green apparently makes us invisible to leprechauns?


Does that mean leprechauns only show up around March 17?


If your answer to those questions is like mine (I have no idea) then you probably don’t really care, either.


Whether you care much about St. Patrick’s Day or not, what a great excuse to give your child some brain boosting fun! Learn how this free St. Patty’s Day printable can strengthen children’s learning abilities.


What I do know about St. Patrick’s Day is that it gives us a good excuse to do some pretty silly things, like wear goofy green hats, or eat terrible green food.


Do you know what else St. Patrick’s Day gives us a great excuse for?  Another addition to The Free Printables Collection!


Typically when I create printable grid mazes for kids I design 2 different types.  One type includes only images to follow.  The other asks students to make their way through the maze by following the letters in a word.


Today your word is: LUCKY!


Is your child feeling lucky?  Does she think she can follow the maze from start to finish without getting mixed up?


Does he think he can sidestep those pesky little leprechauns?  (Okay, no leprechauns in this one.)


No worries if the first try is challenging.  I’ve included an answer key just in case.


In my holiday fun packs I include grid mazes for both images and for words.  Grid mazes are great, by the way, for strengthening a variety of visual skills.  I do not, however, intend to create an entire St. Patrick’s Day Fun Pack.   What does that mean?  That means this St. Patrick’s Day Printable LUCKY Grid Maze for Kids is exclusive to subscribers of The Free Printables Collection.


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