St. Patrick’s Day Printable: Track the Four Leaf Clovers

In the spirit of St. Pattrick’s Day I’ve designed a new visual tracking exercise for young learners and readers.  No, I’m not Irish, or Catholic, or even particularly fond of leprechauns for that matter, but let’s have some fun anyway.


Rows of green illustrated 3-leaf and 4-leaf clovers on white background. "Visual Tracking: Four Leaf Clovers"

This month’s printable titled Track the Four Leaf Clovers invites children to strengthen their

visual discrimination skills,

visual tracking,

fine motor development and


all at the same time.


Is your student looking for an extra brain boosting challenge?  I’ve included a second page where kids (who know their numbers and letters) can try their “luck” at cracking the secret clover code.


If your child is just getting used to a pencil or crayon, or simply likes extra practice, then a similar visual tracking printable, Track the Smiley Faces, is a good place to start.


Track the Four Leaf Clovers is part of an ever growing list of printable learning fun for kids.  If you haven’t already, sign up and let the children, grandchildren or students in your life join the fun!