Teacher Appreciation Week Meets The Gratitude Journal – Free Printable for Kids

What happens when you merge Teacher Appreciation Week with the practice of gratitude?  You get a meaningful gift that children can create for teachers any time of year.


Colored pencils, scissors, glue stick on top of pages of printed journal. Cover reads "I am so grateful for my teacher." Caption reads "Teacher Appreciation Week Meets The Gratitude Journal - Free Printable for Kids


The original Gratitude Journal for Kids here at Inner Pieces Gallery happens to be among the most popular printables inside The Free Printables Collection.


You can read about some of the updated gratitude research here.


Benefits of gratitude aside, let’s talk about the teachers.


Oh, we do love our teachers!


If the pandemic of 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that many teachers should probably qualify as saints.  If we already recognized that before, now we feel it in our bones.


Really, how DO you wrangle a classroom full of so many children, for so many hours during the day, AND make sure that everyone is learning to the best of their ability?


How DO you remain patient and kind and treat every single child as if they were your own, even when those kids can sometimes be the furthest from patient and kind?


Teachers know how to do this.  They do it every day.  They do it even while they are woefully underpaid and underappreciated.


During Teacher Appreciation Week, nothing we gift them will quite compare to the gifts that teachers are to us as people.


Even so, let’s help our treasured teachers know, in any way we can, just how much they matter.


Introducing The Book of Gratitude for My Teacher.


Kids can write, or draw, or collage all over the inside pages.  Each page is another opportunity to express WHY they are so grateful for their teachers.


Keep it short and sweet or print as many inside pages as you like (ideally double sided).  Include the cover page, fold everything in half, and assemble the book with your choice of staples, string, or ribbon.


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