Thanksgiving Activity Fun Pack for Kids – Full Color Printable

When we think of Thanksgiving we often think of food, lots and lots of food!  We think of family.  We think of giving thanks.  Maybe we think of fun crafts for the kids.


Do you ever think of Thanksgiving as an opportunity to strengthen children’s learning ability?  No?  That’s okay.  That’s what I’m here for.

This Thanksgiving Activity Fun Pack secretly strengthens visual discrimination, visual tracking, visual figure ground and spatial awareness. You can adapt it to build auditory memory, working memory, and executive function skills as well. Fun for grades 2-4 or SPED grades 2 and above.

I’ve designed a Thanksgiving Activity Fun Pack that strengthens a multitude of important learning skills, including visual discrimination, visual tracking, spatial awareness, and visual figure ground.  Depending on if and how you adapt the tasks (suggestions included), some activities can also build auditory memory, working memory, and executive function skills.


If your children enjoyed the Halloween Activity Fun Pack then they’ll enjoy the same ten activities in a new theme for Thanksgiving.


Even though each activity is designed with educational therapy in mind, students in regular education in grades 2-4 will have just as much fun with the Thanksgiving Activity Fun Pack.  Students can work independently or with guidance.


Use Fun Pack pages in the classroom, homeschool, special ed (grades 2 and above), or after school.  You can even keep them in your back pocket for after the Thanksgiving meal.  When the kids start grumbling, “Grown up talk is boring” you get to swoop in with an activity or 2 or 10 and save the day!


Find this paid product here: Thanksgiving Activity Fun Pack


Of course Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, so remember that you can find plenty of freebies in this Gratitude Printables Roundup, fun for the whole family!


Happy Thanksgiving!