The Big Back to School Sale

So there I was, enjoying a long overdue virtual vacation. You know, the kind where you don’t actually go anywhere but just relax and unplug for awhile.


Well, I sort of kind of cheated and plugged back in for a moment when surprise, surprise! Teachers Pay Teachers announced the date of their big Back to School Sale.


And you know what that means? THAT means…

it’s sale time at Inner Pieces Gallery, too.


And THAT means…

you can now save 28% on everything in my store. Yep, even the items I just added.


Back to School Sale


If you’re a proactive parent or educator and you happen to like boosting your child’s ability to learn, now is the perfect time to stock up on specialty education materials, even if you’re not a specialist.


Use your new learning power printables throughout the year to strengthen visual memory skills, visual tracking skills and more.


But don’t wait! Sale is August 4th and 5th only. Click here to shop. You save 20% automatically. See the additional 8% at checkout with coupon code BTS14.


Hint: Early birds, you may add your favorites to a wish list, then return when the sale begins.


Here’s that link again: