The Gratitude Game

More and more researchers these days happily report on the many benefits of gratitude. To help encourage kids to invite these benefits into their own lives I decided to create The Gratitude Game.


Single page board game with blue, orange, red squares, each containing a letter in the word gratitude. Caption reads: The Gratitude Game (free printable).This free printable game for kids has four different challenge levels. Everyone from your little ones to the big kids to the adults can join in on the fun and choose whichever challenge level they wish.


Primarily The Gratitude Game helps us think of the countless ways to be grateful. But why stop there? Inner Pieces Gallery is, after all, all about learning.


When you progress through the various challenge levels you’ll notice a few auditory discrimination components as well as a fun exercise in empathy.


When and How to Use The Gratitude Game

  • As a unique character education tool in the classroom (small groups).
  • As a fitting family game during the Thanksgiving season.
  • As a fun homeschool activity for all ages.
  • For speech or educational therapy targeting auditory discrimination.
  • Any time of year you wish to exercise those gratitude muscles (perhaps whenever the kids catch a case of the grumpies)!


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