The Importance of Visual Sequential Memory

As we boost children’s visual memory skills with games and activities, we must also pay close attention to visual sequential memory skills.


What is the difference between visual memory and visual sequential memory? Such a good question you ask! An important one, too.


The Importance of Visual Sequential MemoryImagine that you are a first grade student. Your teacher asks you to copy spelling words from the board. Easy enough, right? Short term visual memory enables you to write the words on your paper.





Great, except that you write the letters of each word out of sequence. Your actual spelling words?





Uh oh. Looks like you could use a little visual sequential memory practice.


Or, perhaps you write each of the words correctly, but you copy only one letter at a time before looking up to see which letter comes next. Look. Copy. Look. Copy. Look. Copy. Phew! That’s exhausting.


Either way, your visual sequential memory skills are not as strong as they could be. Translation: You are working so much harder than you need to.


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