The Modern Organized Child

Modern Dresser by Peter Bristol

Look Mom, I’m putting my clothes away!  Ah yes, music to a mother’s ears.  Who knew that kids’ furniture could also be so empowering?

This month’s design inspiration is the perfect addition to any kids’ room.  The first time I saw this dresser by award winning designer Peter Bristol it made me smile.  Big.  With teeth, even.  What a great piece for modern parents who appreciate clean design and clean living.  What a boost of self confidence for the child so eager to dress him- or herself independently.

No learning curve needed.  Kids can proudly and effortlessly put their own clothes away.  Sure, every good parent wants to teach their child responsibility, but let’s face it.  What mom (or dad) wouldn’t also welcome a little extra help around the house?

Modern Dresser Kids

I believe that great design, like this fabulously fun dresser, and great books, great songs, etc., are born from people who embrace their natural gifts and express those gifts in the work they do.  I am always curious about what leads people into their chosen careers.  Peter Bristol was gracious enough to share his experiences with me about becoming a designer.

Not sure if I was drawn to it, as much as I just did it naturally. I have been making things since I was very young and was fortunate enough to grow up in an incredibly enabling environment.  I spent a bunch of time doing “design” when I was young, but the fact that I could do that stuff as a job eluded me until well into college.  There were and will continue to be key influencers in my trajectory, but the path itself was/is more of a stumble (a stumble that feels inevitable now).

Peter illustrates a great point.  We don’t always know what careers we will inevitably fall into.  In fact, plenty of today’s careers didn’t exist 20, or 10, or even 5 years ago.  Children who grow up in environments that nurture freedom of expression are much better equipped to express their natural abilities and talents in the future.  So, how is your child expressing himself these days?

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